Thursday, September 29, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

September 2, 2011. The start of Labor Day weekend and four days of showing. My mom was still visiting from Florida so she came with me to the show and we got to spend the day together. Sawyer won Best of Breed and mom worked the camera to get some photos.

Mom even got a picture of the Best of Breed rosette.

He showed nicely in the Sporting group.

Mom and Sharon chillin’ on the couch. Sharon is her favorite but don’t tell the others.

I think it’s because Sharon is such a good cuddler.

My mom did a painting of Sharon and Daisy from a picture shortly after Daisy’s birth.

September 3, 2011. Mom left in the morning to fly back to Florida. I was off to show again. Sawyer went Best of Breed again and made the cut in the group this time. It was another long day.
September 4, 2011. Another day another show. Sawyer was Best of Opposite Sex to his sister Prada who took Best of Breed. It was my birthday so a win would have been nice but I guess it was good to go home and enjoy the rest of the day. We went to our friend’s Scott and Erin Reily for an end of summer bbq. It was nice to spend the evening with good friends.

Chrissy and Steve came with their beautiful daughters. This was the first time we met Holly.

Lauren holding Holly, what a cutie she is!

Camille had a blast watching the ball come down off the awning.

Love when everyone gets together and watches the iPad…how about having conversations people.

Holly passed out in Erin’s arms.

I don’t know. Camille doesn’t look so happy with Uncle George.

Oh that Holly, love those cheeks!

September 5, 2011. Labor Day, but there are no holidays from showing. Today I started the day showing my friend Sarah’s Vizsla, Rayne. We went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for Rayne’s first point!! Then Weims were in. Sarah stayed to take some pictures. These rings are so small you really don’t get a chance to move. Sawyer went Best of Opposite Sex. That actually worked out well since I was expecting company over and had to go home to prepare.

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