Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yard Work

June 13, 2011. We spent the weekend power washing the fence, front porch, deck, and some of the house. We got a dirt delivery on Monday so had to finish up the yard work. Good thing we have the dogs to ‘help’ us.

“Hey, why are you filling in the space under the fence? I’m still small enough to fit under there.” Exactly Daisy!

“And now you’re filling the hole I worked so hard to dig?
What is going on here??”

Enjoy filling that hole while you can Scott. I think Daisy is already planning her re-digging strategy.

Here’s where my hole used to be. I better get working on this again.

Perhaps I’ll just relocate some of this new dirt.

The adult dogs: Brooke, Sawyer and Sharon posing nicely on the deck.

Any chance I can get Daisy there in too and get a whole family portrait? Probably not, but I’ll try.
It's a miracle!

Let the yard chase begin.

I still love these action sequences with the new camera, especially the ear positions.

Brooke is more sophisticated with her run.

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