Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiki Visit

June 5, 2011.  What a busy weekend.  Daisy started puppy kindergarten on Saturday.  I'll have to bring my camera next time because puppy play time is rather amusing.  I was glad to see there were dogs her size in class.  Daisy was a bit more experienced and confident in the play arena than the other dogs, but we were able to distract her with food until the others warmed up to her.  The afternoon and the next morning were spent doing yard work so all the dogs enjoyed having us humans outside with them, and digging in the dirt of course.

We stopped in to see Tiki before we went to a family birthday party since his family lives in the same town.  He was very excited to see us and meet his niece, Daisy.  We're so lucky that we found this great home for him.  He is so loved and has a terrific life!

Daisy enjoyed meeting her Uncle Tiki

Tiki was very good with this mini Weim.

She followed him all around the yard. 

I had a faster camera this time so I was able to capture this quick moving dog.

Yes, he is a Dude son.

What a sweet face! 

Daisy enjoyed the view from the steps.

Tiki is such a happy boy!  He loves running in the yard.

It's hard not to have a place in your heart for Tiki.

Tiki has a great older Brother to play with.  Jessie is a really sweet dog as well.

Tiki is a mamma's boy with Kim. 

After a great play date with Tiki, it was off to Scott's sister's house for the kids' birthday party....  Jill has a new puppy, Frodo, who was born on the same day as Daisy.  And Frodo likes to PLAY!

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