Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I wanted to take some time off this Memorial Day weekend so I only entered 3 days of the Atlantic Shore Memorial Classic cluster, which was 5 days of shows this year.

May 26, 2011. Thursday I went to the show with my friend Pat and her Tibbies. She had two entries and would need help in the ring. I only took a half day off work so she had to endure my conference calls on the drive down.

Since I carpooled with Pat and got to the show early, I was able to see our friends Sarah and Rayne compete in Vizslas.
Rayne looked great and got reserve today.

Tibbies were up next.
Halle was very cute in the ring with Pat for the classes.

John Henry won the breed so he'd be in the Non-Sporting Group later on in the afternoon.

Brief break for another conference call before Weim judging at 1pm. Sawyer went Best of Opposite Sex today.

John Henry had a rough time waiting for the group to start.

The Non-Sporting group was a little later in the afternoon and Pat did a great job with John Henry.

John Henry looked great in the group.

Awww, a breeder / handler and their dog. What is cuter!

Halle takes a front row seat to watch John Henry.

He didn't get a piece of the action today but on Sunday he got a Group 4! Sorry I missed it.

Being in the group is tough, John Henry needs a nap. And what better place than under Pat's chair.

May 27, 2011. I worked on Friday which I was hoping would be a light day, but it wasn't. Scott was off to Penn State for the weekend to coach his volleyball club so it was just me and the kids home alone.

May 28, 2011. Saturday was my one day off...well after morning house chores. But I tried to finish them up early so I could spend some quality sun time on the deck.

Apparently Daisy thought I prepared the lounge chair for her.

Brooke was content to hang (upside down) in the shade on her Kuranda bed.

May 29, 2011. Sunday was the Garden State Weimaraner Club Specialty so there was lots of work to do. It's always a busy day for me so fellow club member Mary graciously offered to take pictures. Thanks Mary!!

After a little mix up with the hospitality tent we were finally able to set up and get ready for the show.

I had to be careful transporting all the glass trophies but they all made it in once piece and I think exhibitors were pleased.
It was a really HOT day so it was important to keep the dogs cool.

The show started out well with Prada going Best Puppy in Sweepstakes.

Sharon doesn't really like the heat but she showed well in the Veteran Sweepstakes class and ended up with Best of Opposite Veteran.  It was nice to see mother and daughter recognized in the sweepstakes.

A quick break for lunch and the judging started again at 1pm. We just had to get through this judging assignment without anyone passing out from heat exhaustion.

When we got to Best of Breed judging, Dude, son Sawyer, and daughter Prada were the first three in the ring.

Poor Sawyer was hot. I think this is the only picture I have of him moving where his mouth isn't open.

You can see the water I dripped on his back to help cool him off.

But he was a real sport and showed nicely, even in the heat.

Sister, Prada with Sherry doesn't seem to like the heat either.

Sawyer was Select Dog today.

It was nice to go home and cool off in the AC after this long day.

May 30, 2011. Monday I carpooled to the show again with Pat. She had the only class and breed entry so she would need help in the ring. She wasn't going to stay for the group so we went together. Looking at the judging assignments I thought her ring would be done first but with so many absences in our ring, after Sawyer went Best of Opposite, I made it just in time to help Pat and bring Halle back into the ring for her. After a stop a the Flip Bar for one last smoothie for the road, we headed home. It was off to Maureen's for a BBQ in the afternoon. I forgot to bring my camera so have no people pictures. Oh well, next time!  Back to work tomorrow.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of Sawyer and his flipped ear!!!


    Great seeing you at the shows.