Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Parties and Playdates

June 5, 2011 continued...After a great play date with Tiki, it was off to Scott's sister's house for the kids' birthday party.... Jill has a new puppy, Frodo, who was born on the same day as Daisy. Frodo likes to PLAY!

We had Daisy and Frodo meet before putting them in the expen together.

Needless to say they hit it off and played like crazy the whole day.

This kept up for a long time.  Finally Frodo passed out.

Then he made himself comfortable on Daisy's bed. 
She's thinking: "quick let me out while he's still sleeping!"

He was passed out.

Uh oh, he woke up. 

But wait, today wasn't about the dogs, we're celebrating our nephews and niece's birthdays!
Here are the birthday kids: Austin (15), Logan (16) and Kendalyn (14)

They each get their own special cake.

Expens, they're not just for dogs.

By the end of the day, Daisy was quite tired and just wanted to settle on my lap.  Luckily she's still small enough to do that...but anyone who has a Weim knows they never think they're too big for this.

Goodbye Frodo!  It was a fun day, hope we can get together again soon.

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