Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ashbrooke Updates

I received some pictures over the last few weeks from several of my puppy people so wanted to share the updates. 

Tiki has woobie overload.  It's a tough life when you have so many woobies it overwhelms you.

Daisy taking the time to enjoy the sunshine. 
I can't believe how big she's getting.

Had this one on my camera from Nationals.
Sawyer: "What?? Is there something wrong with my ear?"

Got another picture of Molly.  Sleeping again, guess a human leg makes a good pillow.

So I asked for a picture of her careful what you wish for :)

Xena enjoying the nice weather, finally. 

Ruby, playing catch with Hudson...well not really with Hudson.  I love how he's still looking for the ball after Ruby's already taken off with it.

Ruby did her first photo shoot.  She needed to catch a tennis ball and she did it like a pro.  Now she just needs more experience with that annoying strobe flash.
Not Ashbrooke dog related, but my neighbors found a baby deer in their backyard.  It was so cute and little.
They left the gate open and the mom came back for the baby, but it was too dark and they were both too far away by the time I got outside to get any good pictures.

Tiki had a doggie sleepover and you know how wild those events can get.  This must be the morning after.

Looks like the toy box won.

Xena is very patriotic for Memorial Day.

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