Friday, May 13, 2011

New Camera

May 4, 2011.  I finally decided on and purchased a new camera today.  I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile and after much deliberation selected the Canon EOS 60D.  Of course now I have to learn how to use it and what better way than to practice on my favorite subjects.

Scott poses with Daisy for the first shot with the new camera.

We decide to take it outside to test the action shots.  Sharon and Sawyer are waiting for the first throw.

And they're off.  Sawyer gets to the ball first with Daisy right behind.

Daisy is smaller but she's fast.  Run Sawyer!

She's gaining on you!

Time out from playing for a pose on the lounge chair.

Not wanting to be left out, Scott posed for his close up.

Later that night I received word that a litter Sawyer sired was born.  4 males and 3 females.  Mom, Starr and babies are doing great!

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