Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 WCA Nationals - Day 3

May 17, 2011. Day one of showing for Sawyer and I. The Best of Breed competition kicked off the day. Since it was a large entry of 40, we were split up into groups and this judge wanted to see bitches first so I was able to take a few photos of Prada while we waited for Sawyer’s turn.

Prada looked great stacked, but she is a 15 month old puppy so she’s probably one of the younger specials in the line up.

Next up Sawyer was in the ring so Nadine took over the camera duties.

What a handsome man.

Movin’ round the ring.

The obligatory tongue shot from the Dude child.

During our lunch break, Prada worked on Ellen to share her salad.

Boy that salad sure looks good.

Oh poor me, I never get any food, won’t you please share your salad with me.

Ellen caves....sucker!

After lunch we started the next Sweepstakes. Cash, a Dude son was up first in the 6-9 month puppy class.

Daisy came inside to visit and socialize. We spent some time stacking her. As you can see from her evil eye look she was not amused.

One more Prada close up before we leave the building.

We stopped in the raffle room to take a look at all the wonderful things people donated. Here is the basket from the Garden State Weimaraner Club which I wrapped and transported.

We ended the evening with dinner at the hotel restaurant. It was nice and close after a long day of showing, with good food and great company. Lots of laughs are to be had when we get together.

From left to right: Heidi Warren, Anne McPherson, Ellen Gravatt, Philip Boyce, Barb Heuman, and Nadine Todd.

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