Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 WCA Nationals - Day 4

May 18, 2011. Today is our first attempt at Novice obedience with Sawyer. We’ve been practicing with Barb and Desi and hope to be successful in this ring.

Well our exercises were pretty good. A little lagging on the heeling but overall passing…
…until we got to the stays. We made it through the 1 minute sit stay and then all we had to do was the 3 minute down stay and we’d have our first Q. Two minutes and 30 seconds into the down stay (I checked the video), Sawyer decided he just couldn’t bear to be away from me any longer and just had to get up and come towards me. So we got a big fat NQ for the day. On a good note, Barb and Desi got their first Rally Excellent leg taking first place in their class.

After Obedience in the morning it was onto day two of showing in the breed ring for Sawyer. Luckily I had no conflicts this year.

Sawyer stacks nicely for me. We’ve been working on keeping his tail up on the stack.

Sherry hangs onto Sawyer so I can take pictures of Prada. You can see why he wasn’t successful in his stays across the ring. What a mamma’s boy!

Prada also had her second day of showing.

Sawyer and Daisy hanging out together after showing.  It was a pretty rainy week so we take advantage of any dry time outside we can get.

But of course they'd rather be with me.  Let us out!

After showing, Daisy had a play date with our neighbor Loui. He is Carol Dubuque's 5 months old puppy. What a difference in size one month makes.

They had quite a great time together.

Loui with the stare down and Daisy ignoring him.

It was like a puppy cage match. Let’s get it ON!

Loui’s a cutie!

The evening was the Top 20 Invitational and Dude would be shown since he was # 11 in Show Points and #12 in Breed Points for 2010.

If you look closely you can see his tongue is sticking out.

Sawyer and Jazzy hanging out in the ex-pens. Hopefully this sign isn’t very accurate.

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