Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 WCA Nationals – Day 6

May 20, 2011. Today is the last day of showing and then we can pack up and go home! We’ll be splitting the drive up on the way back into two days, starting out this afternoon and then finishing up on Saturday.

The schedule was to finish up the bitch classes and then move onto the best of breed competition.

Today was Jazzy’s turn in the ring. She’s another Dude daughter.
She did well and took 2nd place in her large Open class.
Before the Best of Breed competition, they took a break and did a parade of rescue dogs. Some of the dogs had found their forever homes and some still needed to find one. It was very touching.

Sawyer waits for me to return from taking photos.
I just love this face!

Sawyer’s turn in the ring. Denise agreed to take pictures for us since it was such a large entry and we were split into groups.

After Sawyer was done I stayed to take pictures of Densie and Emma.  They looked great and made the first cut which is wonderful at a National specialty.

The shows are over.  It was a long and exhausting week. 
Time to pack up and start the long journey home!

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  1. What a fun but EXHAUSTING week! I am officially jealous of your new camera, btw...were you able to use any of the shots I took?