Friday, August 13, 2010

Sawyer's 2nd Swimming Lesson

August 13, 2010.  Well Friday the 13th has been good so far.  We took Sawyer to his second trip to Showplace Farms for swimming and he did fabulous!  He was a little tentative at first but once he got going he looked like a pro.

Sawyer approaches the water.

He sees the bumper...will he go in?

He goes for it!

He's got it!

Returning the bumper and swimming so much better than last time.

Djebel's going to catch Sawyer.

Djebel's an excellent swimmer...glad Sawyer has her as his swimming buddy!

You can see the difference from the first video when he's not as comfortable.

To this video where he's having fun retrieving his bumper.

Djebel and Sawyer swimming together.  They were quite tired after all that swimming and slept soundly on the way home.

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