Monday, August 23, 2010

Canine Water Sports Class and Visiting the In-Laws

August 21, 2010.  It's our last weekend off for awhile as we start a dog show marathon next week.  Saturday was our 4th Canine Water Sports class and I was hopeful Sawyer would get in the pond to swim since he did so well in the pool last week.  But alas, Sawyer, like me, does not really like the pond and seems more comfortable in the pool.

But he still looks cute in his life vest.

We start on shore doing target practice and having Sawyer circle me.  If he ever gets in the water and we're swimming together, he needs to learn to circle around me.

We worked on getting Sawyer up the ramp to the platform.

The tennis ball helped to motivate Sawyer up the ramp.

The idea is to get the ramp lower into the water then eventually he'll be comfortable swimming to the ramp.

I'm guessing with Sawyer sticking his tounge out that he's not into the idea.

Sawyer was fine going up and down the ramp...just didn't progress to swimming.

Pretty soon he was going up and down the ramp like a pro.

We also worked on the boogie board.  Maybe surfing is more Sawyer's thing?

Sawyer dunked his whole head in the water, yet he won't swim.  I don't get it.  But still cute with his wet head.

Since Sawyer swims for the bumper when he's in the pool we thought we'd tried that in the pond.

So close!
Scott Scorsese changed some setting on the camera so the video is in a funky color.

He's so happy to get the bumper.

After class we went to Scott's parent's summer place in PA.

Sawyer was very good with our nephews and niece.  Curtis and Kayla helped to get Sawyer to stand up so he could be int he picture too.

Sawyer said "Wait, is that shrimp cocktail?  Looks good!"

Sawyer and Jared.  Later in the evening Jared had fun running Sawyer through his commands: sit, down, sit, paw.

Sawyer didn't spot that tennis ball behind him yet.

Mindy was a gracious host to Sawyer.  Until he found her tennis ball.  He was a guest in her house and didn't ask first :)

So he just hung out and chewed on his bone instead. 

The older nephews, Austin and Logan.

The boys playing a new game that Uncle Scott brought.

Sawyer was a little pooped from all his busy day.

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