Monday, August 16, 2010

UKC show weekend and Puppy Updates

August 14 - 15, 2010.  It was another busy weekend with four UKC shows, puppy visits and sleepovers. 

On Saturday the first UKC started out with a bang as Sawyer took Best in Show!  The picture turned out terrible (as usual) but he looked awesome in the ring.

Puppy Abby stopped by the show to visit.  She was the pink collared puppy in the last litter.

Abby got some play time with Prada.

My good friend Ralph also stopped by since we were in his neighborhood.

Sawyer had to rest up after his big BIS win.

In the afternoon Sawyer's dad, Dude took the breed and first place in the Gun dog group.

Prada posed for some pictures to show she's just as pretty as her big brother and daddy.

After the show Nadine, Dude and Prada came back to our house for the night.  It was great to have all the dogs together. 

Dude wanted to know 'what's for dinner' as we ate outside on the deck with our neighbors.

Prada was content to just hang out under the table.

Sawyer was happy to have all his toys.

Brooke's close up

Even though Prada is growing like weed, she still thinks she's a lap dog.

Later in the evening Brooke was letting me know it was bedtime and wanted to go in the house.  Even after I let her in she came back out the dog door and waited by the sliding door to make sure I knew it was time to go get some beauty sleep.

Prada was tired from her full day and playing with her family.

I thought it was funny how Sharon and Dude crossed their legs the same way.

Sharon and Dude were sleeping on the couch together with Sawyer in between but Sawyer moved before I could take a picture.

Sawyer though there was more room on his own bed.

Everyone got their rest and it was off to the dog show again on Sunday.

Xena came to visit on Sunday.  Xena was the purple collar puppy from the last litter.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of her.

The UKC shows ended well as Sawyer got another Best in Show and earned his UKC Championship title!  It was a great weekend!!

I also got an update on Tiki this weekend.  I was happy to hear how great he's doing.  He's doing well in school and gets along great with his siblings.  He is also getting homemade biscuits...I'm sure he's enjoying all the spoiling!  And Tiki is pitching in by helping out with the family business :)  Who can resist this spokesman!

I also received a card and photo from Wyatt's owners.  Looks like he's growing up fast like his littermates. 

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