Friday, July 30, 2010

Sawyer Swims!

July 30, 2010.  Today I went to Showplace Farms with my friend Pat and her dog Djebel, trying once again to get Sawyer to swim.  Showplace has a large pool with a ramp so he could walk into the pool.  He was reluctant at first but was very motivated by the bumper and the tennis ball. 

It was hard to video while I was trying to motivate Sawyer to get into the pool but I got a few clips.  Unfortunately in the first clip I didn't throw the tennis ball far enough so he didn't have to swim to get it.

Then I threw the bumper and had to get along side so he'd come towards me.  Notice how he makes the detour on his way back out to pick up his bumper.

Sawyer and his swimming buddy, Djebel.

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