Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Tiki

July 10, 2010.  Tiki went to his new home today.  While it was sad to see him go, I know he'll be loved and well cared for.  It was such a pleasure having him here and I'm so grateful we got him back and were able to find him a good home.  What a turnaround he made with his weight.  He arrived here at about 62 lbs and is leaving at a healthy 74.8 lbs!!  He looks terrific and his spirit is just great.

How do you say goodbye to this face.

Tiki is always happy and that tail is always wagging.

One last photo with Tiki...I think we both look a little sad.

We spent the day taking as many photos as we could before his new family arrives.

Tiki waiting for lunch...ours, not his.

Tiki with his new woobie...notice his tail is always wagging so it's blury in all the pics.

Scott, Tiki, and his new woobie.

Tiki's close up.

I know Tiki is going to be happy with his new family, Petrina, Kim and big brother Jessie the golden retriever.  I'm sure we'll have updates on his new life.

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