Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July catch up

July 29, 2010.  Even though we haven't really been showing this month it's been so busy and I'm way behind on blogging.  So I needed to at least catch up before the month ended.

We received a new video from Sawyer's brother Bruno. He has impressive catching skills with a frisbee!

Even in this heat Brooke still lays out on the deck.  I just don't get it.  It's HOT out there!

Sawyer started swimming lessons which we hope to progress into canine water sports...or at least a water retrieve. He isn't swimming yet but is more comfortable with the water and he looks dashing in his new life jacket.  I still have to take a photo of him in it. 

We got a dog pool to help get Sawyer more comfortable getting into the water.  As soon as we filled in up Brooke walked right in.  She just loves it!

Sawyer took a little more effort to encourage him to go in.  Good thing he likes tennis balls and bumpers.  That got him in the water and the more we worked it the easier it was to get him in. 

Good thing Sharon doesn't like the water, I don't think all three of them would have fit in there.

We're trying to teach Sawyer commands for getting in and out of the water.

The pool was also fun for Scott and I to have a contest as to who could get the most tennis balls in it from across the yard.  I won, but Scott will say otherwise.

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