Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 7 Pictures & Video

Week of April 12, 2010.  It's been a very busy week trying to catch up from vacation so I haven't been able to post as frequently.  This was the last full week that all the pups would be with us as they start to go to their new homes on Friday.

The pups really had fun when our neighbor, Alexandria, visited.  There was a lot of giggling as the puppies gave her lots of kisses.  It looks like they were attacking her but she was having a blast.

The puppies had lots of fun in their agility tunnel.

The puppies were very exhausted after all that play.  They were even snoring...I'm not exactly sure who the culprit was.

When the pups are inside they hang out in their crate.

Sometimes all the girls squeeze into the crate and leave the poor boy out on his own.

One last video of them all eating in a circle.  So cute!

They really enjoyed playing (and eating) all the sticks in the back yard.

Brooke preferred to stay up on the deck to escape the puppies.

Lots of wrestling for a toy and then they just left it.  Silly puppies.

Girl Pink in the yard...they really didn't stay still long enough to take too many photos.

Girl Purple stopped on the stairs to survey the yard.

Saywer playing with Girl Red

We were really lucky to have such great weather all week so that the puppies could enjoy so much time in the yard.

Even Sawyer and Sharon enjoyed playing in the yard with the pupppies

It's very exhausting to run in the yard.

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