Monday, April 12, 2010

Hunt Test Weekend

April 10 - 11, 2010.  I entered Sawyer in our very first hunt tests this weekend.  He did a super job and had two qualifying legs.  He needs two more for his Junior Hunter title.

Saturday was the Pointer Club of Central NJ.  I was very nervous this being my first time out but everyone was very gracious about answering my questions and helping me out.  Sawyer did wonderfully, finding and pointing birds.  We even got to go out on a second run since the last dog didn't have a brace mate, so he got in some extra practice.  It was hard to get him to keep his eyes open for this photo, hunting is hard work :)

Sunday was the Garden State Weimaraner Club show.  Since Scott went to Atlantic City, I took the pups with me to the hunt test.  They had great fun hanging out in the ex-pen and got plenty of attention.  At one point there were chairs set up all around the ex-pen and it was like watching puppy tv.

Sawyer also qualified at this test too.  It was hotter on Sunday so he was tired but continued to hunt the entire time we were out there. 

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