Tuesday, April 20, 2010


April 18 - 19, 2010.  I drove to Harrisburg Sunday afternoon with Yada (Girl Orange), Newman (Boy Blue) and Coco (Sawyer's sister).

Newman and Yada are used to hanging out in the ex-pen from their first trip to the Syracuse shows.  I brought their Kuranda bed which they love to sit on.

It's all in the family at the show.  Dude is in the far background, then big sister Coco, along with new siblings Yada and Newman.  Of course I couldn't get them to all look at me at once.

Coco was shown on Monday and I'm very happy to report she went Best of Winners and earned her Championship title. She is now CH. Ashbrooke Quantrels Mad Tea Party.

I left Yada in Harrisburg with Nadine, co-breeder of the litter and new owner of Yada.  We're hoping Yada will follow in her dad's paw prints and be very successful in the show ring. 

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