Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 9 - Another day, another show and special visitors

February 28, 2010.  We had our second day of showing in Suffern today.  It didn't go as well as yesterday but that's ok, we'll still riding on the high of our major win on Saturday! 

After the shows co-breeder, Nadine and her husband John came to visit the puppies.  Nadine is like Sharon's 2nd mom so she does not mind her sitting in the whelping box with her and her babies.

One of these baby girls will be going home with Nadine and will hopefully have a wonderful show career like her Daddy, Dude.  Here is Nadine with Girl Orange.

The puppies had funny moments as they do every day. 
Girls Red and Orange were spooning:

Girl Yellow was sleeping on Girl Orange's head so her butt was up in the air:

And of course there's the buffet line which happens many times per day:

It's amazing how the puppies are changing every day.  You can see that their eyes are starting the process of opening and may be open before the 2 weeks.  Here is Girl Red and a close up of her eye development.

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