Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 5 - We have a lot to say today

February 24, 2010.  They started early this morning, the girls were loud and wanting attention.  I can see they are going to be very demanding.  They were still chatting while they were eating...

We want to eat!

Loud puppies nursing

Everyone is finally over a pound, my last hold outs were Boy Blue and Girl Purple but they pushed over the pound mark today!  Purple Girl enjoyed some time with mom today, looks like she has Spock ears :)

And they all got a change of ribbon today, see how pretty!

Puppy butts are so cute!

I have the night off from puppy duty.  I'll be going to dinner and a concert with my friend, Erin, while Scott watches after the puppies.

Sharon will be fine with her pups ...

...and Brooke & Sawyer will stand guard a the window.

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