Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiki's Fall Adventures

Tiki has been pretty busy this fall.  I was very luck to have found such a wonderful family for him. 

Tiki has sleepovers with his doggie friends...and apparently takes out ALL the toys in the house.

He escapes out of his crate but hasn't quite figured out how to fit though the cat door yet.  This earns him the nickname 'Tikidini'.

Preparing for his vacation in Maine he models his new coat.  Sawyer says great color choice!

It's very exhausting watching football on Sundays.

Tiki with his best bud and brother Jessie.

Tiki on vacation and hiking in the mountains.  Cool bandanna!  He knows how to sport the accessories.

Lucky man got his own bed during vacation.

You have to be on the look out for those wild Maine lobsters.

Back from vacation and enjoying a new woobie...but not forgetting the old one as he lays on top of it.

Thanks Petrina and Kim for keeping me updated on all of Tiki's adventures and sharing these wonderful pictures!  I truly appreciate it!

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