Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2 - Wine Country Show Circuit

October 1, 2010.  Well it didn’t rain today but the effects of yesterday’s downpours were evident all over the show site.  Today was not a day we would remain clean.  Judging was a bit delayed because we had to change rings due to the muddy conditions.

Phil and Heidi try to keep Schatze clean and out of the mud before judging.

Prada showed well again today and went Best of Winners for another point (one entry shy of 2 points today).

I didn’t think we’d do much today but to my surprise Sawyer took Best of Breed! This isn’t the best picture…the official shots never are for us, but it is what it is.

Sporting was the last group in and by that time the clouds came and the winds picked up. It was very cold and I didn’t pack Sawyer’s coat on this trip so he was shivering.

I think Sawyer spotted Dad with the camera on our first go around.

Even though we practiced while waiting our turn, it was not our best presentation for the exam but by then Sawyer was just shivering.

Of course he did better at the end of the line when the judge wasn’t looking.
Even Scott was cold and anyone who knows Scott knows he is very rarely cold. So you know it was FREEZING! Here is his self portrait displaying just how cold he was.
Trying to keep my hands warm because I was starting to lose feeling in them.

Scott taking a picture of his muddy shoe, which was not nearly as muddy as mine. I guess he was bored watching the group.

Sawyer’s wondering “why is mom making me stand out in the cold??”
Sawyer on the move.
Sawyer was finally warming up and standing nicely, but it was too late by then. Oh well.
The only reason Scott agrees to come on this trip every year is for the deep fried turkey dinner night. Look at that smile!
We had three birthdays this weekend with Pam, John and Phyllis.
We had birthday cake to celebrate.

It was another nice evening to sit by the fire. Especially when we had s’mores!

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