Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Meet the Breeds

October 16 and 17, 2010.  We spent the weekend representing the Weimaraner breed at the AKC Meet the Breeds event at the Javits Center in NYC.  A HUGE thank you to my husband, Scott, for manning the booth with me.  I could not have done it without him.  All humans and dogs were exhausted at the end of the weekend, but we were proud to represent our wonderful breed. 

Scott and I went over to the Javits Center on Friday evening to set up the booth.  We got a majority of the work done and just had to put out the table items on Saturday.  We realized a few nights before that we had a larger 10 x 20 booth this year so needed to increase the decorations.  We expanded on the 'Grey Ghost' theme.
Left side of our booth with pictures showing the versatility of Weims.

Right side of the booth. We loaded a bunch a pictures on our digital frame and brought that with us. 

Rear table.  Many people asked if my statues and stuffed Weim were for sale....hands off people :)

Brooke played the roll of ambassador well.

Sawyer also got in on the socializing with the visitors to our booth.

Ruby and Sawyer take a break from the activities to chew on their bones.

7 month old puppy, Ruby, was exhausted by mid-day on Saturday and took a nap in the middle of the booth.  This was a lot of stimulation for her but she was a trooper.

Sunday morning everyone was refreshed and ready to start another long day.  Sawyer and Ruby got some play time in before the doors opened to the public.

We got a quick picture of both of Scott and I in the booth before the crowds started piling in.

Since there was only two of us I really didn't get to walk around.  I did fit in a quick run around the building to look at the other breed booths before the doors opened at 10am.  There were some very creative booths out there.  I wanted to get back to see the guys from Rescue Ink but never got the opportunity.

Another day brought more visitors to our booth and the Weims were more than happy to get the attention.

Ruby, Brooke and Sawyer showing off their 'sits' to the audience.

By the end of the second day, even the adult dogs were tired and went into their crates to take a break 
Sawyer napping.

All in all I think it was a successful event!

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  1. Such a busy weekend! Glad I was able to take a break and get over to see you guys. I bet the dogs slept until Tuesday! :-)