Friday, April 19, 2013

Sawyer's First Graduate Novice Obedience Trial

April 19, 2013.  We travelled to Maryland to attend the D.C. Weimaraner Club Specialty.  Sawyer was entered in his first Graduate Novice obedience trial.  The exercise we've been struggling with is an 'out of sight stay'.  Sawyer does not like when I leave him and tends to break the stay to come find me.  He has been better with the down stay than the sit stay so I decided to try Graduate Novice, which only has a 3 minute long down stay.  I knew the Weimaraner specialty would not have a large entry and felt Sawyer would be more comfortable with a few amount of Weims than with a whole ring full of other dogs.  As it turns out he was the only entry in that class, which could be good or bad.  We practiced alot for the last couple of weeks, going all different places and trying the stays.  He's been doing good but you never know what will happen in a new environment. 

Nadine videoed the exercises for us. 

The first two exercises were the Heel on Leash and the Off-Leash Figure 8.

Next up was the Drop on Recall, Dumbbell Recall, and the Recall over the High Jump.

The last exercise before the long down stay was the Recall over the Broad Jump.
I won't publish the long down because it's just 3 minutes of Sawyer laying down and looking in the direction I left.  I'm so proud he accomplished this.  I know how much work it is for him to stay there while I leave and he did so well! 
We got a lovely 1st place rosette and a blanket as a prize.
Sawyer had a hard time containing his excitement.

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