Friday, April 26, 2013

Sawyer's Amazing Obedience Day - Part 1

April 21, 2013.  Today we participated in the Versatile K9 Sports Club CDSP Obedience Trial.  CDSP is a much more relaxing atmosphere for me and I guess Sawyer could feel that because he was a Rock Star today!  There are lots of videos but they are all short.

The day started with a run in the Open A class. 

Sawyer's heeling was spot on.  No points off for this!

Running Broad Jump, also perfect.

Drop on Recall, nailed it!  This was the exercise we failed the first time we tried Open last fall.

Retrieve on the Flat. This is where we lost our points.  Sawyer dropped the dumbbell as he was trying to pick it up so we lost 2 points for that.  His front was also 1/2 point crooked.

Retrieve Over the High Jump.  He also had a 1/2 point off crooked front on this exercise.  We have been working on straightening them out so this was really an improvement. 

The last exercise is the Go Out Turn and Sit.  This is an exercise that we've really been practicing because it's not been consistent at all.  I was worried and a bit surprised that he was going to the ring gate that I almost forgot to tell him to Sit.  He was close but I was able to get around him so zero points lost on this one too! 

Sawyer got a 197 out of 200 and won the run off for 2nd place in the class. 

Next up was our Novice C run.  Sawyer already has his CD-C but with two more qualifying runs in the C class he would earn his Novice Championship.

Sawyer's Heeling was perfect again!  No points off. 

Sawyer usually lags on the outside curve of the Figure 8 but not this time. No points off!

Moving Stand for Exam.  We rarely have problems with this exercise. No points off.

Recall Over the Bar Jump.  Sawyer got the front straight this time so no points off!

Last up is the Honor Stay.  This is no problem for Sawyer since I get to stand right next to him.  So we ended up with a Perfect Score of 200!  This put us in first place and tied with the Open B dog for High in Trial (HIT).  We had to do a run off heeling pattern to see who would get HIT and Sawyer won!!  He also won High Combined having the highest scores in two classes.

Here we are with judge, Sandi Ver Sprill and all our loot!
I think he looks good in the High in Trial and High Combined ribbons!! 
I was thrilled with how the morning trial went.  I had no expectations for the afternoon trial as Sawyer's been sitting around all day so thought he'd be tired.  But Sawyer proved me wrong.....

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