Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fountain of Youth

October 5, 2012.  Today was a beautiful day in NJ.  It was unseasonable warm at 80 degrees and sunny, perfect beach weather!  Maureen, Mary Beth and I took our senior ladies to Sandy Hook for some swimming.  Jenna (yellow Lab) is 7 years old and 11 weeks post-op, Posh (black Lab) is 8 years old and Brooke is 10-1/2 years old.  Despite their ages and health status, they all acted like puppies when we hit the beach.

Hey Labs, wait for me! - Brooke

Ewww Posh, that's all sandy you know.

Two bumpers for Jenna and none for Posh and Brooke.  
Hey, how'd that happen?

Wild Women, Posh and Brooke!

Jenna demonstrates the appropriate way to retrieve a bumper.  Brooke's just having fun.

Mary Beth, if you're not going to throw the bumper than I'll just take it from you - Brooke

Posh doing her best Baywatch babe impression.

Brooke wants to be a Baywatch babe too.

Posh, you're going the wrong way.

Time for Posh's close up.

Telling secrets?

Mom! I don't want to be on leash when everyone else is running free.

1 bumper, 3 dogs.  Let's go out in the 'V' formation.

Shake it out Jenna, it's time to go.

Silly Labs, you're getting all dirty laying in the sand. 
Please make sure to get my good side. - Brooke
3 friends enjoyed their beach day!
Posh, Brooke & Jenna

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