Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh Canada!

September 23, 2012.  Well it's been a very long time since I blogged and I know have have tons of stuff to catch up on and hopefully one day I'll be able to do that.  A few months ago I started a new business, Active Paws Photo, so that's been keeping me very busy.  Hopefully it will do well and I won't have to return to the stressful corporate world.  You can see my work at  Now, back to present day.  It's time for our annual Wine Country show circuit trip.  This year we received an invite from our friends Barb & Frank to come and visit them in Canada prior to the show rather than spending the full week in NY.  We jumped at the chance since their property is beautiful and all our dogs are welcome!  So we're here in beautiful Canada and the dogs (and people) are having a fabulous time! 

This is Barb and Frank's back yard, any question why we jumped at the chance to come here.  It's so beautiful here!! 

Here's the back of the house.
The kids are having a great time running around the property.  Hopefully we'll get some swimming in soon. 
Sawyer patrolling the grounds.
Sharon running amok.
Desi, the man of the house.
Desi and Sawyer are getting along fine.  What great boys!
Daisy thinks we're going hunting.
Brooke is forgetting her age and running around like mad.
I think Sawyer is trying to fly.
The older girls, Brooke and Sharon, checking around the pond.
Sharon says 'You can't catch me!'
Brooke says 'Yes I can!'

'Here I come!'
'What do you think, is it sanitary?'  Daisy and Sawyer investigate the pond. I'm sure when I break out the bumpers tomorrow they'll be jumping right in.
Miss Daisy, exploring.
Sawyer, King of the Stairs.
Larry, Prince of the Stairs.

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