Tuesday, September 25, 2012

City Slickers, Swimming and Golf

September 25, 2012.  Today we went horseback riding.  Among the 8 of us we had varying degrees of experience.  And I kid you not when I say the trail guide's name was Crusty, or Cranky as I liked to call him.  Seriously, it was right out of the movie City Slickers.  I was yelled at several times by Crusty and not allowed to bring my camera on the trail ride.  Luckily Johnny was able to bring his camera and the assistant guide, MJ, took pictures for us.

Phyllis was a good sport and got on the demo barrel so Crusty could give us some tips before we hit the trail.

We all looked really cool in our helmets.  Some of us got the super cool cowboy hat helmets.  I was not one of them. 
Right before we were ready to mount, Crusty's horse bolted.  Not really reassuring for those of us who were more novice with riding.
We were quite the gang of riders.  It was a beautiful countryside.
Scott was one of Crusty's favorites.  He was an excellent rider...brownoser!
Crusty was picking on me from the beginning so it was a bit of a stressful ride as you can see from my concentration face.
 Johnny and Nadine had well behaved horses. Mine came with special instructions...lucky me.
My nemesis Crusty.  Doesn't he look mean??
When we put the horses back in the field they were rolling on their backs.  I had never seen this before.  Guess they were glad to be rid of us humans off their backs. 
When we got back to the house it was time for the dogs to swim!
Sawyer would retrieve all day if I let him.  He's trying to figure out how he can get both of these bumpers.
Even Brooke swam!  I was shocked.  She jumped in, went after bumpers, even chasing Sawyer for his. 
She just swam across the pond as a short cut.  She was like an alligator slinking out of the water.
Sawyer says 'Really, Larry, can't you get your own bumper?'  Larry thought it was much easier to grab from the others who went into the water to retrieve.
Sharon did not go swimming but did have fun running around the pond.
Perhaps Daisy needs goggles so she can swim with her eyes open.
Larry and Brooke take a time out to stop at the salad buffet.
Puppy Larry got in a swim too.

Sawyer is a swimming fool and just loves it. He actually shakes to go back in.
After swim time the boys played a round of golf.  Barb & Frank built their own 9 hole course on the property.  It's tricky, passing the pond several times.
John retrieves his ball from the pond, not the first and certainly not the last for the guys.
And what's golf without a cigarette and scotch, right Frank.
Kurplunk!...see the ball in the top right of the photo about to plunge into the pond.  Good thing they had floatable golf balls. 
This looks like the great debate of who has to retrieve the ball, Scott or Johnny.  There's got to be a better solution.
Good thing the dogs are able to help out with retrieving the balls...too bad they were grabbing them off the course rather than out of the water.  Silly Dude and Larry!
Now I don't play golf myself but this looks like a difficult shot for John.
By the end Scott was getting the hang of it.  Look at this great shot!

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