Sunday, February 12, 2012

South Carolina trip

January 27, 2012.  We went down to South Carolina for several days of showing including a couple of specialties.  Right before I left I came down with horrible cold but of course, the show must go on.  It was a beautiful day in a gorgeous location but I just felt miserable.  With all the cold medication I was just glad to remain upright as I ran around the ring.  The weekend wasn't a total bust.  Sawyer got Judge's Select and earned his first Rally Excellent leg after over a year away from Rally.  He even took 1st place with a score of 99 out of 100 so that was really great!  Prada did well also with a Judge's Select at the specialty and Best of Opposite. 

With the way that I was feeling I wasn't up to my normal photography.  Luckily Marc St. Jean took some pictures for me at the specialty.  I almost forgot that I had these photos on my camera.  What a beautiful location this was at Elena Lamberson's home!

Sawyer setting up at the first specialty of the day.  

I'm so sick, I'm just hoping to make it through the day.

Made it around the ring, phew!

I think Sawyer knew something was wrong but continued on.

My man!

Miss Prada with Nadine.

Just under 2 year and Prada is a pro.


The exam for Sawyer.

It was a beautiful day but coming from NJ in January, Sawyer was feeling the heat.

I was not prepared for the heat.  The forecast originally called for it to be rainy and cooler.  With my cold I wasn't thinking straight and didn't even pack ice and a cool coat for Sawyer.  I had to improvise for the second show.

Prada and Nadine.

Specialty #2 later in the day.  I think the meds are kicking in a bit at this point.

Sawyer showed much better in the afternoon.  He must have felt my health improving.

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