Monday, February 27, 2012

Pet Therapy Test

February 11, 2012.  I took Sawyer to take a pet therapy test with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy.  Sawyer already passed the AKC CGC test and Therapy Dog International, but I'm very interested in joining the Creature Comfort organization because they offering mentoring for those teams that are new to pet therapy.  Sawyer passed the test and the evaluator felt Sawyer would be good for Animal Assistance Therapy.  This is a type of therapy where patients would be giving Sawyer commands to help with their physical rehabilitation.  I'll need to teach him some new tricks and work on having him listening to other people instead of just me.  We're looking forward to this new and rewarding experience. 

Our Creature Comfort badge photo.

February 24, 2012.  We went on our first pet therapy visit to a school in Westfield.  We were paired with two other experienced mentor teams.  I was a little nervous as this was our first visit and I didn't know how Sawyer would be.  I know he's well behaved but he's very attached to me and not extremely interested in other people...unless they have food :)  We met the other teams outdoors first and introduced the dogs.  We were working with Steven and his Doodle, Koko, who has visited the school many times and has a great relationship with the kids and Pamela with her Puggle, Daphne, who knows all kinds of tricks to impress the students.  The staff and students were so welcoming and Sawyer did an excellent job.  I was so proud of him!  Everyone thought he was so beautiful and well behaved.  Pamela and Steven were great mentors, offering advice and support on our first visit.  I'm looking up to signing up for some more volunteer assignments!

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