Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ruby's Vacation / Edison shows

March 22, 2011.  Ruby has been with us for a few weeks while her family is on vacation.

Daisy playing with a toy so new I didn't even get to take the tag off.

Ruby did great with Daisy, which was great practice since she is going to have a new Dobie puppy brother when she goes home. 

Daisy's attacks did not deter Ruby from sucking on her woobie.

March 24, 2011.  Tonight was the Non-Sporting specialty in Edison.  Since I have Sporting dogs you're wondering why I would be in attendence.  I went to support friends and possibly help out with the Lhasas.  As it turns out Airy went WB and I took her in for Best of Winners.  This was her 2nd major.  Maestro went Best of Breed but I felt a more experienced handler should take him in for the group and this turned out to be a good decision as he got a Group 4 with Jerry handling him.  Pat had her Tibbie, Halle in the Bred By Exhibitor group and also took 4th place.  I was a long but good night for all!

March 25, 2011.  First of three days of showing in Edison.  Ruby was Reserve Winners Bitch and Sawyer was Select Dog. 

March 26, 2011.  This was a repeat for Ruby going RWB.

March 27, 2011.  Today Ruby went Winners Bitch for her first point!  This was an even greater success given her mom was ringside.  I thought that would be very distracting for Ruby having her family there after being away 2 weeks but she did really well.  Sawyer went Select Dog again.  Later in the day I helped Bobbie again and Airy went Best of Opposite Sex for her 3rd major.  She only needs 3 more points to finish.

Ruby's first point. (I finally got the picture)

Bobbie bought Sawyer a toy as thanks for me helping out with Airy.
I think he likes it!  And Sharon wishes she had one.

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