Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GSWC Hunt Test

April 10, 2010.  Today was the Garden State Weimaraner Club Spring Hunt Test.  It was a little cloudy and chily but great hunting weather for the dogs.  Since we're just starting training for Senior Hunter with Sawyer, I didn't have anything entered but went to help out and take photos. 

Prada earned her first Junior Hunter leg the day before so now she was a seasoned pro in the field ;)

Prada finding those birds.

Prada on point.

Prada and Nadine.

Prada was very excited to run in the field.

 Prada's 2nd JH leg.  Two down, two more to go!

Daisy came with us for the day so she got an introduction to birds as well.

She got the hang of retreiving right away.

It was a great day but really prompted me to start my research for a new camera.  I've been thinking about it for awhile so hopefully next year I'll be able to get some more action shots for the club.

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