Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 36 - Last day before vacation

March 27, 2010.  It's our last day home with the puppies before we leave for vacation.  They will be spending the time with the co-breeder, Nadine.  There's lots of fun planned for them, including a trip to a dog show.  When we dropped the puppies off we took our first set of stacked photos.  The pups are looking good but it's much too early to tell who will ultimately go to the show homes.  Unfortunately while copying the pictures over they were accidently moved instead so I have no access to the photos I took today except for one I uploaded onto the blog as an example, one video I already uploaded to youtube and the few we took as we were leaving :(

I thought this was a cute video of the puppies waking from a nap.  Apparently they weren't quite ready to get up yet.

Here is Scott with a lap full of puppies.  Enjoying a group hug before we leave for the puppy's trip to South Jersey.

Here's Boy Blue doing his bat impression while he sleeps.

Girl Purple gets in one last snuggle with Scott before we leave.

Giving Girl Orange one last hug before we leave.  It's hard to leave these cuties!

Girl Pink sleeping in the crate.  It looks like she's waving goodbye...or is it Aloha?

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  1. The pic of Boy Blue sleeping on his back is my favorite yet!! Natalie and I cracked up when we saw it :)