Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 23 - Lots of visitors

March 14, 2010.  The puppies had lots of visitors today.  Co-breeder Nadine was here and brought daddy, Dude.  Dude met his daughter, Girl Purple.

Boy Blue squished himself in Nadine's lap.

Girl Yellow thought Nadine's pocket was a great place to rest.

Karey came to visit the pups again, this time with son Christian.  She got in some snuggle time with Girl Pink.

Girl Yellow hung out with Christian before he went to play with big brother Sawyer.

The next wave of visitors was our family from PA.

Girl Pink was obviously very comfortable sleeping in our niece Kayla's lap.

Girl Orange is chillin' in the chair with our niece Kendalyn.

Our nephew Jared said Boy Blue was his favorite.

I don't think our nephew Curtis had a favorite, he held all the pups.  Here he is with Girl Pink.

Our nephew Logan took a quick time out from video games to hold Girl Red.

Scott's sister Jill loved Girl Purple.

Scott's mom, Marilyn got to spend some quality time with Girl Pink.

A very exciting day left very pooped puppies.

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  1. Cute, cute, CUTE!!! Love the pic of Boy Blue sleeping in Nadine's lap :)