Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautiful day to play hooky

June 4, 2013.  After the past two weeks of going from freezing cold, wet weather to sweltering hot, today was finally a beautiful day.  So after work today I decided to take advantage and enjoy some fresh air.  I ditched the to-do list of responsibilities and sat out on the deck for a few hours to soak up some sunshine, then took the dogs for a hike in the evening.  Scott and I met our friend Francine and our favorite senior Cocker Spaniel, Dazzle at Natirar.

Trying to get the Weims up on the wall with Dazzle to pose for a photo was a challenge.  Sawyer was cooperating....

But Miss Daisy was not.  Scott was able to snap a quick photo before she jumped off the wall.  She must have know what was up ahead.
The highlight of the hike was the WATER!  It was funny, Dazzle just enjoys splashing around in the water but my dogs wanted to retrieve.  They kept looking in the water for something to grab.  Unfortunately I left the bumpers in the car (bad mom!) so we had to find a stick. 

It's cicada time here in the Northeast.  If you're not familiar with these insects they are bugs that come every 17 years and we're having a particularly large infestation this year.  We've been lucky enough not to have them in our yard yet.  There were some at Natirar so I was a bit paranoid about running into them.  
Dazzle sporting his extra curls after swimming.  He's so cute!
Sawyer was so happy to be in the water.  I'll have to remember the bumper next time.

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