Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Fun!

February 9, 2013.  Lots of snow hit the Northeast yesterday.  We were pretty lucky and only got 8 - 10" ourselves and the power stayed on.  Saturday it was time to clear the cars and driveway but we had to spend some time with the dogs outside before coming in to warm up.

 Sawyer is ready to GO!

Daisy loves running in the snow but it's COLD out here!

Miss Daisy, so graceful.

This snow is pretty high, even on Sawyer.

 Sawyer thinks Daisy cannot catch him.

And the chase is on.

Sawyer's gonna get ya Daisy.

Sharon, you're going the wrong way!

Synchronized running.

Weims or Jack Rabbits?

What?  Is there something on my face??

Yippee, this is fun!

There must be a really good scent way far down in the snow.

Snowman Sawyer.

 I never saw a snowman move so fast.

 Glad the snow happened on the weekend so mom and dad could play with us outside!

Angel face.

Even Brooke is getting in on the action when Scott takes out the volleyballs.

Of course she took hers and ran right inside with it.

Glad we didn't use tennis balls or they would have been lost in the snow until Spring.

 It's mine!

Hard to believe Brooke will be 11 years old next week.

 Everyone is waiting for Scott to throw the next ball.

Daisy already has hers.

Poor Sharon, those dang kids never let her get the ball.

She keeps trying but Sawyer is just faster.

Daisy will hit Sawyer in the head with her ball while Sharon is still patiently waiting.

At least Sharon is having fun running in the snow.

So close Sharon, you almost have this one from Daisy.

Finally, one for Sharon!

Let's go again!!

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