Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tibbie Puppies

March 21, 2012.  I was called to help my friend Pat whelp a litter of Tibetan Spaniel puppies.  One girl had already arrived when Pat called me.  I jumped in the car and went over there but by the time I arrived, a second girl was delivered. 

Pat was expecting 3 puppies so while we waited for the last one, the girls waited in a heated box.

Well they were supposed to wait in the box but the girls kept trying to get out. At one point one of the girls got completely out of the box!
Number three finally arrived, a boy!

Mom, Nanette had 3 puppies as expected, two girls and one boy.  All the pups weighed 8oz, which is so much smaller than the Weimaraner puppies I'm used to.  All the pups are eating, growing and doing great!

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